Winter Camper-Vanning Tips for a Cosy Adventure

Let’s not deny it, the chilly part of the year is creeping in. For most people, it’s time to cosy up in front of a roaring fire and crank up the thermostat. But hey, when have we ever been most people?! Oh yes, we adore the outdoors so much that nothing – no NOTHING – is going to stop us enjoying getting outside of these four walls.

Of course though, if you’re off on a winter camper-vanning expedition, there are plenty of things you’re going to need to think about before the off. Cue relevant tips and advice from your ever-helpful outdoor know-it-alls!

Tip 1: Basic Maintenance

Your van needs that little bit extra TLC during the colder months, so be sure to stock up on plenty of antifreeze and swish it in there with your engine coolant and windscreen wash. Give your oil and water levels a good going over, and pay attention to your tyres: check their grip and make sure they are properly inflated. You’ll also want to cast an eye over your engine: damaged rubber hoses and belts could prove risky. If you’re off on a long haul trip, invest in a mechanic’s opinion: you won’t regret it.

Tip 2: Be Prepared

If there is anything predictable about our weather here in the UK, it’s that you can never predict it. Even if you’re setting off in unusually mild conditions, always remember that 24 hours can make all the difference. So be prepared: pack that shovel for digging yourself out of drifts and throw in those snow chains and socks to keep your camper on the move should the white stuff start falling.

Tip 3: Pack for Warmth

You’re looking forward to cosying up, but that’s only going to happen if you pack some key winter warmers. Blankets, winter-grade sleeping bags, woollies, snugly socks and hand-warmers have to be on the packing list, as does a batch of heart-warming goodies like soups and cocoa. And chocolate truffles. And marshmallows.

Tip 4: Think Ahead

Before you set off, make sure your chosen destinations are open for business. Don’t forget that a fair few sites close during the winter, so do your research and make sure you’re headed somewhere that doesn’t have its gates locked!

Tip 5: Power up

When you do find a site that’s open, make sure it’s one that can supply you with power. An electrical hook-up is crucial during the colder months to keep you toasty and warm regardless of what the weather is chucking at you. Remember, those balmy nights spent under the stars during the summer quite simply won’t be happening now that winter has set in, so you’re going to want your TV, radio and lights serving you well.

So there you have it, now you are ready to pack up the van and head off on your winter adventure. Enjoy it! And don’t forget to share your memories on our Facebook page.