Why Spending Your Outdoor Nights in a Hammock is Good for You


There’s something wonderfully freeing about sleeping in the open air. Combine this with spending an outdoor night in a hammock, and you’re in for a real treat of a sleep! Whether you’re a seasoned camper, or enjoy a peaceful night under the stars in your own back garden, it’s well worth considering the relaxing experience of sleeping in a hammock. But don’t just take our word for it; people have been sleeping in hammocks for centuries, and here’s why…

Get Comfy

Studies have shown that sleeping with your head elevated in a 10 – 30% position is the healthiest way to sleep. Hammocks naturally put your body into this position, which allows you to sleep soundly.

Furthermore, because hammocks are suspended in mid-air, they don’t put nasty pressure points on your body like a mattress does, giving you a pressure-free, stress-free sleep.

Night, Night… Sleep Tight.

Hammocks can also help you to sleep deeper and fall asleep faster. Indeed, they can even help to cure insomnia! It’s probably got something to do with that optimal sleeping position mentioned above, and enjoying a deeper sleep leaves the body feeling much more rested.

And let’s not forget that hammocks rock, quite literally; there’s a reason why we rock babies to sleep, and a hammock can offer that same level of comfort and tranquillity!

Sweet Dreams

The swaying motion of a hammock is also thought to alter the brain waves for those enjoying a good night’s sleep within one. This is said to induce a boosting of slow oscillation and spindle activity (fancy!).

Of course, enjoying such sweet dreams, or at lease altered brain waves and a nice, deep sleep, helps our bodies to recover. Health improvements of a good night’s sleep include restored energy, a boost to the immune system and faster repair to tissues and muscles.

Sleep Under the Stars

And the best part of sleeping in a hammock? You get to sleep under the stars! We all know that being in the great outdoors is good for your health, so if you camp regularly, or enjoy a good chill out in your own garden, then why not consider snoozing in a hammock?

Take a look at our fantastic Frieda hammock. This robust, parachute silk hammock is both durable and lightweight. A brilliant piece of kit for a night under the stars, therefore! So night, night, sleep tight… let a hammock treat you right!