While You’re Outdoors… Pick up Some Plastic!

Single use plastic

Plastic. How many times have you been walking somewhere beautiful, somewhere lush and green, or maybe along the shores of a beach, only to have the natural beauty of the area spoilt by a stray plastic straw, a plastic bag blowing in the wind, or a crushed drinks bottle marring the landscape? We know the scene all too well unfortunately.

As an outdoors lover, you’re no doubt aware of the scale of the single use plastic problem. We’ve all seen the disturbing posts on social media, and with everyone from Surfers Against Sewage to the Women’s Institute on the case against single use plastics, it’s never far from the mind’s eye.

But aside from switching to reusable drinking straws and a water flask, there is something else that you can do to help the plastic problem. While you’re out and about enjoying the great outdoors… please pick up some plastic!

Pick up Some Plastic

When you’re next outdoors, whether it’s a camping trip, a stroll along the beach, a countryside hike or a forest adventure, why not help the cause by picking up some discarded plastic? If everyone just picked up ONE thing on each outdoor stint, imagine the difference it could make.

So, any plastic or litter you see on your travels, if you can, pick it up and pop it into a bucket, basket or reusable bag to be safely disposed of later, or just get it straight into the nearest bin.

Planned Plastic Pick Ups

Doing your bit to help the plastic problem can be as simple as picking up litter whilst out jogging (the Swedish even have a name for this: ‘plogging’!). But if you really want to feel like you’re making a difference to the plastic problem, why not take part in an organised event?

There are several organisations that hold plastic pick-up events at various times of the year, as well as smaller brands, such as coastal cafes, who offer incentives like free coffee in exchange for a bucketful of plastic. If you want to join in with one of the bigger events, take a look at:

The Big Outdoor Bloggers Clean Up: an event held at the end of January which encourages people to get outdoors for an hour and pick up any litter they see whilst out and about.

Clean Cornwall: One of many regional clean-up programmes within the UK, Clean Cornwall organises various beach and river clean events across the county.

The Great British Beach Clean: Held by the Marine Conservation Society on the third weekend in September, this is the biggest beach clean and survey in the UK.

These are just a few of the many events that take place across the country, and you are bound to find one close to home or at your favourite beauty spot.

So next time you’re out, please think about doing your bit to preserve the beauty that is our beloved great outdoors and pick up some plastic.