The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Bushcrafters and Outdoor Adventurers

What do you buy an avid bushcrafter or outdoor adventurer for Christmas? Good question! We’ve had our thinking caps on for a little while now and here’s our round-up of what we believe your nearest and dearest buccaneers would really appreciate in their stockings this year.

An Adventure in an Envelope

There are loads of bushcraft and outdoor adventure organisers. Ackers Adventure, The Woodland Adventure Company, Wild Dog Outdoors and Natural Pathways are some of the most prominent. You can book all sorts of courses, from shelter building to forest school training, which is fine if you’re doing it for yourself.

But how about if you want to gift an adventure? Well that’s possible with a gift voucher, and Natural Pathways is one company that offers them. You can choose your amount, so it’s nice and flexible, and the recipient can use it for or towards the cost of any of their range of bushcraft and survival activities. Here’s the link.

A Year’s Good Reading

Magazine subscriptions always make a great gift idea, so if you’re looking for something to impress an adventure loving type, how about signing them up to something inspirational, like National Geographic, The Bushcraft Magazine or Bushcraft and Survival Skills.

A Swag Bag

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong, under the shade of a coolabah tree. Indeed he did. And what did he camp in? Guaranteed it was a swag bag, because number one he’d have been able to put it up in a couple of minutes flat, and number two he’d have had a seriously comfortable night’s sleep in it. Well he would if he’d got himself a lightweight Outhaus Grand Solo 2 anyway.

This Australian style canvas swag is waterproof and super-strong with PVC boot mats and a rain cover at the head end. There’s a comfy foam mattress with a washable cover that simply zips on and off. It’s also got a bug-stop mesh layer and plenty of other features. It’s so easy to put up, check out the video. We’ve used this swag personally on countless outdoor overnighters and we really can vouch for its comfort and simplicity. A great gift for an outdoor lover we think.

A Good Read

There are plenty of good books and guides on bushcraft so make sure you study your reviews and pick out something that suits your recipient. Have a look at material by Ray Mears and Ben McNutt, David Canterbury and Bear Grylls. There’s loads out there: have a look through this lot.

So we hope you’ve got a few ideas. And don’t forget your Outhaus gift certificates. We’ve got all sorts of stuff suitable for the adventure lover. Happy Christmas shopping!