The Benefits of Learning Bushcraft

Thanks to the likes of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, the whole theme of wilderness survival has been thrust into the limelight. The thing is, the art of learning bushcraft actually has massive benefits and lots of people are seeking out courses and ‘survival weekenders’ to allow them to take a step back from the frantic and complicated pace of life that we’re all too familiar with these days. Getting in tune with nature, the way life was ‘supposed’ to be, even just for a little while, can be pretty therapeutic. And there are a fair few other benefits too.

When you spend time in a natural environment, it heightens the senses. Your physical health is given a boost, your mental health stimulated and your aesthetic awareness enhanced.

Focusing on personal survival

Finding yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to focus on your own personal survival really does give you focus. You learn to assert personal control, and really understand your own needs. Basically you learn what is fundamental to your well-being.

Outdoor learning helps you develop self-worth and pushes you to take total responsibility for your survival. When working in a team environment, you learn co-operation and come to respect other people’s needs. You also learn about the needs of animals and plants.

When working in a team environment, you learn co-operation and come to respect other people’s needs.

When working in a team environment, you learn co-operation and come to respect other people’s needs.

Problem solving

Problem solving is one of the most obvious learning curves, and through a need to appreciate and understand the natural environment and what it can gift you, you also come to have a deep understanding of sustainability.

It is safe to say that learning bushcraft skills, such as building and maintaining a fire, using knives and other tools, identifying useful and edible plants (foraging), cooking in the wilderness, building shelters, preparing wild game, navigation and signalling can instigate a significant change in your life.

Boosting confidence: in EVERY situation

If you think about it, the environment we live in is extremely fragile. It can be affected by natural elements in a whisper: storms, hurricanes, earthquakes. Having the skills to survive and live off the land provides you with confidence: confidence to deal with any adverse situation; to help you think on your feet, and look at things from a different viewpoint.

All this can be applied to any situation in any aspect of life, whether work or personal. If you know you have the skills to survive as a castaway so to speak, then you totally know you’ll have the knowhow to get through that stressful work situation, or that journey into unknown territory.

Learning outdoor survival techniques gives you a totally new perspective on life and the environment, helping you appreciate the amazing natural resources that are at our disposal.

Bushcraft & Outdoor Survival Courses

We’re great lovers of outdoor survival and bushcraft and lots of our customers are too. We’ve come across what look like some fantastic bushcraft courses that you might like to take a look at, links below. And if you’re heading off on one, don’t forget all your outdoor essentials from Outhaus!

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