The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Bushcrafters and Outdoor Adventurers

What do you buy an avid bushcrafter or outdoor adventurer for Christmas? Good question! We’ve had our thinking caps on for a little while now and here’s our round-up of what we believe your nearest and dearest buccaneers would really appreciate in their stockings this year.

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The Benefits of Learning Bushcraft

Thanks to the likes of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, the whole theme of wilderness survival has been thrust into the limelight. The thing is, the art of learning bushcraft actually has massive benefits and lots of people are seeking out courses and ‘survival weekenders’ to allow them to take a step back from the frantic and complicated pace of life that we’re all too familiar with these days. Getting in tune with nature, the way life was ‘supposed’ to be, even just for a little while, can be pretty therapeutic. And there are a fair few other benefits too, as we discuss in this post.

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