natural insect repellent

Campers! How to Keep those Pesky Bugs at Bay this Summer.

Biting bugs can be pesky little creatures, never more so than when you’re spending time under canvas. But, as we very well know, part and parcel of loving the great outdoors is to love all creatures great and small, even if we’d rather not love them within our tent. So, rather than creating a huge buzz about bugs, why not look into some natural ways to keep them and their bites at bay? We’ve got some great ones for you!

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Once Bitten, Twice… The Wiser: How to Achieve an Itch-Free Summer

Those pesky mosquitoes and biting flies are at it again. It’s not nice having to itch your way through the summer, especially when you’re out and about and should be enjoying those balmy nights under the stars, and long hot days by the waterside. Whilst there are actually genetic powers in force that can influence our susceptibility to insect bites, there are certainly things we can do, eat and wear in an attempt to ward off those gnashing, blood sucking winged beasts.

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