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Myth and Legend: It’s all in the Woods (and here’s a list of the best places to discover it!)

Ever wondered why it feels so good to go into the woods? Why it seems so magical? Well maybe it’s because the stuff of legends is born there. What do we mean? Well, if you go down to the woods today, you’re more than likely stepping into a setting of myth and legend. In the deepest, darkest depths of the forest, there lives many a tale of intrigue and magic, all waiting to be discovered. So we’ve done a bit of research, and just for you here is a rundown of what we’ve come up with as a top five of where to discover those mythical, magical fantasy woodland worlds.

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2015 Escapades Part 2: Ideas that Involve the Kids

After putting together the last post on 2015 escapade inspiration involving wine tours of the UK, I sort of felt a bit guilty for homing in on something that excluded the kids. I say sort of – because heading off for a weekend jaunt at a vineyard is a pretty exciting thing to do – and we all deserve stuff like that in our lives, don’t we?! But in the name of creating balance when it comes to family relations, I thought I’d better come up with something a bit more multi-generational friendly for this next post.

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