Sky Lights: Nature’s Gifts of Beauty and Prophecy

What’s the one thing we are sure to comment upon and focus our gaze on without fail on a daily basis? Of course, it’s the sky. That marvellous expanse of ever-changing colour, shape and patterned display that greets us every morning and bids us goodnight every bedtime. The sky can tell us lots of things, including what the weather is going to be like, and when’s the best time to go fishing.

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Mare's Tails Clouds

Is that a Fish in the Sky? No, it’s Just a Mackerel Sunset.

Clouds can make really beautiful pictures, and the patterns they form all have messages in them too. It’s really good fun to cloud watch and with a bit of savvy you can use what you see to impress your peers by predicting the impending weather. So next time you’re camping or fishing or doing whatever it is you love doing outdoors, see if you can identify one of these cloud formations and practice a bit of sky reading. It’s proper fascinating!

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