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Caring for Your Outdoor Gear Part 2: Boots, Bags and Pots

Last month we welcomed spring by taking a look at ways to restore your key camping paraphernalia should it emerge from its winter storage looking not quite its best. Our two-part series started with tips on how to revive and re-waterproof a mould-ridden tent and, as promised, this time around we are going to move our focus on to other very important bits of camping kit: your boots, your sleeping bag and your cooking gear.

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep – in a Tent

Camping and backpacking are superb experiences, and when we’re out and about we need a great deal of energy to fuel the pursuits that fill our waking hours. So a good night’s sleep is imperative: you want to feel fresh and ready for the day that lies ahead after all. But sleeping soundly is not always as straightforward as it may seem when you’re out in nature. So if you’re preparing for a few nights under canvas, check out these pointers aimed at enhancing the quality of your slumber time.

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