Bushcraft Practice: Basic Skills to Master Before you get out in the Wild

If you’ve got any time in the great outdoors planned over the next few months, how good would it be to have some basic bushcraft skills down pat before you go? Unless you’ve been on a bushcraft course or have studied everything ever written by Ray or Bear, chances are you’ll be lacking the fundamentals, and bushcraft really is something that can benefit everyone, whether you’re wild camping, overlanding or on a country hike. So, to your back gardens all! It’s time to get some skills under your belts before you head off out.

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Survival tips

Four Down to Earth Survival Skills to Learn This Year

Flicking through the channels on the TV, there appears to be an abundance of wilderness survival programmes on the schedule these days. Whilst the skills the experts teach us are spot-on, in reality you have to think, how many times will I actually be in a position where I need to lick a frog? Extreme survival is one thing, but what would you do if you got lost whilst out on a hike, or your car broke down on the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere? Your phone isn’t giving you a signal or the battery has died. What you need in these circumstances are basic, down to earth survival skills, which are precisely what we’re going to look at here.

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Make This Year the Year you Learn Something New

So January is done, and thankfully we can stop talking about resolutions, or failure of such! Let’s turn our attention instead to something positive and useful we can achieve in 2016: to learn something new. We’ve been taking a look at skills it might be good to add to your repertoire if you’re an outdoor loving type, and courses you can go on to help you learn them. And here they are …

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3 Things to Add to your Adventurer’s Bucket List in 2016

So here we are in a new year. We’re not going to talk about resolutions – everyone’s on that bandwagon! Instead we thought we’d bring you some inspiration for 2016 in the shape of a few bucket list ingredients. Whether you’re a bushcrafter or an outdoor adventurer, a camper-vanner or a Land Rover lover, there may just be something here to rouse your interest …

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Bushcrafters and Outdoor Adventurers

What do you buy an avid bushcrafter or outdoor adventurer for Christmas? Good question! We’ve had our thinking caps on for a little while now and here’s our round-up of what we believe your nearest and dearest buccaneers would really appreciate in their stockings this year.

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The Benefits of Learning Bushcraft

Thanks to the likes of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, the whole theme of wilderness survival has been thrust into the limelight. The thing is, the art of learning bushcraft actually has massive benefits and lots of people are seeking out courses and ‘survival weekenders’ to allow them to take a step back from the frantic and complicated pace of life that we’re all too familiar with these days. Getting in tune with nature, the way life was ‘supposed’ to be, even just for a little while, can be pretty therapeutic. And there are a fair few other benefits too, as we discuss in this post.

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