HALEX20E/25E Pitched Detachable Awning


The Halex’E’ range of canopies gives you the ability to adapt to your requirements. Halex’E’ is attached to the vehicle by way of a 7.5mm keder which can be inserted into an awning rail or by using plastic figure-of-8 channel.

Each awning has a second strip of 7.5mm keder on the outer edge so that it can be attached to another vehicle or to a second Halex canopy using figure-of-8 section.

Halex’E’ extends 2.5m from the vehicle. It comes in 2m and 2.5m widths (ie distance along the vehicle)

It also has a second set of holes to take vertical poles, allowing a pitched apex to be formed. This gives extra head room and increased water run-off performance. Although this feature can be used with a figure-of-8/gutter set up, the height of the pitch will depend on your gutter’s ability to grip the figure-of-8. It is a perfect set up for fixed awning rails.

Kit includes:
Halex ‘E’ Canopy
2 x guylines
2 x pegs
2 x extendable vertical poles

Optional extras pictured are 2 extra poles, spreader bar and a Halex extension.


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