Love Wildlife? Then Become a Nature Hero and “BioBlitz” Your Findings!


When you love the outdoors as much as we do, you become accustomed to hearing and seeing the sounds and sights of wildlife. And, let’s be honest, you do get to become a little bit of an expert.

Wildlife is one of the joys of the great outdoors, and spring is a wonderful time to get up close and personal with the creatures we share the world with. If you love getting to know the animals and birds in your favourite outdoor spaces, why not become a nature hero and “BioBlitz” your findings while you’re at it?

Spring into Action!

Spring is a great time to see and hear the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. It’s when nature starts waking up. Migrating birds start their journeys home; hibernating creatures like hedgehogs start to come round from their winter snoozes and bumblebees and butterflies take to the air once again.

It’s a wonderful time of year for sure, so why not take the opportunity this spring to really get to know the wildlife around you?

Watch and Learn

If you’d like to get to know wildlife a little better, why not go on a course to learn a more about it? Lots of organisations run short courses where you can learn how to identify different species groups. This could be anything from butterflies to birds or wild flowers to worms! Try your local Wildlife Trust as a starting point, or your Local Environmental Records Centre (LRC).

If you’d rather specialise in one area than know a little about a lot of species, you can go on to learn about a particular ‘taxonomic group’. Choose a species that fascinates you, and then self-teach from the internet and books. Then, if you fancy formalising your knowledge, the Field Studies Council runs a Biodiversity Fellowship designed to help train you to recognise some of the more obscure species.

And BioBlitz!

BioBlitz events take place across the country. Take a look at your local nature reserve, country park or botanical gardens to see if they have any events on, or alternatively, the Bristol Natural History Consortium has an extensive list of events nationwide.

At a BioBlitz event, you’ll get to work alongside specialist scientists, experienced naturalists and wildlife watchers to identify as many different species as possible. This information will then be formally documented and recorded in local and natural databases so that wildlife patterns can be monitored.

So, if you love nature, why not get out and enjoy it whilst giving something back at the same time? BioBlitz combines the best of enjoying our wildlife neighbours, as well as giving something back to our natural world and those that help to protect it.