Events, Experiences and Skills Training: It’s a Wonderful 4×4 Life!

The stunning scenery, the wildlife, the thrill of the obstacles, and the mud. It can only be 4x4ing, and whether you’re a shiny new beginner, or a hard core stalwart, you should consider yourself blessed living in the UK, because there is so much to feed your pleasure. From tours and events to training courses, here we take a look at some of the must-adds for your 4×4 bucket list in 2017.

4×4 Events

Year round you’ll find tonnes of off road meetings or festivals, regardless of what the weather is doing. Well these cars are built for the biggest challenges after all. Check out the Offroad Calendar or Protrax Overland Adventures has this comprehensive diary with direct booking links to training days, tours and safaris. Plus on Sunday 5th March 2017 there’s the Parkwood offroading event featuring 3 difficulty levels with winching banks, hills, ponds and trees. The most challenging routes are classed as extreme and you’ll need to put your winching skills to the test, but there are easy and moderate routes too for those who aren’t quite there yet.

Put your skills to the test at a 4x4 event

Put your skills to the test at a 4×4 event.

4×4 Experiences

If it’s an off-roading taster you’re after, or a full head-on challenge, you will find a host of experiences across the country in a range of formats. 4×4 Events UK offers all sorts of experiences at the wheel of a Jeep as well as two levels of formal off road training plus a winch and recovery course.

Into the Blue gives you the opportunity to put your off road skills to the test and you get the chance to choose from doing so in a Land Rover, Range Rover, Jeep, customised 4WD or pick-up. As they say, remove yourself from the monotony of the daily commute and indulge in the most fun you can have at 5mph!

There’s also a range of experiences on offer from Land Rover itself at the picturesque Luton Hoo centre just outside London. Choose from a half day, full day or advanced experience and take advantage of the special hospitality on offer from this world class manufacturer.

remove yourself from the monotony of the daily commute and indulge in the most fun you can have at 5mph!

Remove yourself from the monotony of the daily commute and indulge in the most fun you can have at 5mph!

4×4 Training

Develop, refine and hone your off road proficiencies whilst furnishing yourself with safety skills that could stand you in good stead for all your future 4×4 adventures. Once you know how to control your vehicle, and how to maintain it and put its features to best use, your driving experience will be seriously enhanced and you’ll be ready for that dream trip you’ve always promised yourself. There are loads of courses that teach all of this as well as navigation and GPS skills, bush mechanics, maintenance and even expedition medicine.

Most training is offered on a one-on-one basis which means you get total immersion, plus a lot of the courses can be fully tailored to suit your current level. Check out One Life Adventure, Training Expertise and the British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA).

4×4 Accessories

Of course, if you are into 4x4ing, and you enjoy a spot of outdoor appreciation, then you are going to need something to keep the sun off your neck, and the wind off your shoulders. Awnings, awning rooms and windbreaks for 4x4s are aplenty in the Outhaus online shop, so why not get yourself kitted out ahead of your forthcoming adventures? It will be your wisest investment this year, guaranteed!

Get your 4x4 kitted out courtesy of Outhaus!

Get your 4×4 kitted out courtesy of Outhaus!