Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiasts in Your Life

Whether you’re looking to buy for someone who, like you, loves the great outdoors, or hoping to leave a not-so-subtle Christmas list of your own lying around where a potential gift-giver might find it, there are some excellent bits of kit and experiences out there which any outdoor enthusiast would love to find under the tree this Christmas. Here we explore the best of them.

Outdoorsy Gifts for the Learning Enthusiast

There’s nothing like properly knowing your stuff and how better to learn the ins and outs of the great outdoors than to settle down with a good book in between escapades?

The Woodland Trust has a superb range of books, and buying from this charity means you’re contributing to all its amazing work too. From books that tweet birdsong and witter wild night noises so you can match the sound to what you actually hear, to guides on how to photograph what you see when you’re out and about, there certainly is something for everyone in their brilliant range.

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas

Give the Gift of Experience

Often the gift of an experience is more gratefully received than something physical.  Woodland Trust Membership, for example, gives the gift of restorative strolls through more than a thousand woods UK wide. You’ll also be doing your bit for the preservation of natural woodland. What could possibly make you feel warmer inside than that?

Alternatively (or as well), we love the idea of giving the gift of rest and relaxation (just not in the form of cheap bubble bath!). How about a hammock? Perfect for those balmy nights under the stars and a ‘proper’ outdoor lover’s gift!

A hammock makes a proper outdoor lovers' gift

A hammock makes a proper outdoor lovers’ gift

Rock that Gift

We’ve all seen the recent craze for rock painting (if you haven’t, perhaps you’re hiding under a painted rock?!). Started by the Kindness Rocks Project, the idea is you leave a positive affirming message on a rock then hide it in the big wide world for someone else to find It’s something that families are really getting into a big way across the globe including right here on our local doorsteps.

Whether you want to pass on something inspirational in rock form, or just want to create your very own tiny masterpieces, hop over to the UK Painted Rocks Facebook page now and see what you could do. A rock painting kit makes the perfect gift, and hiding rocks during a Christmas Day family nature walk has got to be the ideal way to get everyone away from those game stations and tablets!

Give the gift of creativity and positivity

Give the gift of creativity and positivity

Sophisticated Stocking Fillers

If you’re after something quirky to fill those stockings, why not stock up on some campervan stickers and cute hipster badges? Certain to raise a smile and perfect for everyone who loves the great outdoors, you can take your pick from our super cool range.

What’s at the top of your outdoorsy Christmas wish list this year? Share your great outdoor lovers’ gift ideas with us over on our Facebook page!