A Route to Camping in the Wild (Well, Nearly!)

Are you into camping and spending quality time outdoors, but feel a bit frustrated with the way it has become over-commercialised? Do you get fed up with the restrictions campsites place on things like traditional campfires and BBQs? Do you want to take your four legged friend along with you but there’s a canine ban? And do you find the pitches all tend to be right on top of each other so there’s no room for doing your own thing, no privacy?

Maybe the outdoor life has become a bit too fashionable, what do you think? Perhaps there’s been so much hype around spending time in nature that the great outdoors has become just a bit too much of a convenience? Pools; club houses; onsite shops; power and heating… sounds very much like a hotel doesn’t it? Just without the mini bar. Well maybe…

Creature Comforts, in Moderation

If you, like us, appreciate the true beauty of spending time outdoors, but you prefer it with just a handful of creature comforts and basic services, you are probably wondering where you can pitch your tent without getting into trouble. Well, here’s the solution!

Nearly Wild Camping is a co-operative organisation that connects landowners with people who long for a wild camping experience. They call it ‘wild camping with permission’. It’s a network of locations happy to host campers seeking out a more organic outdoor experience. It’s ideal for those who want to get away from it all and take time to truly relax and reflect without the interruptions that modern conveniences tend to throw at us.

Nearly Wild Camping

Nearly Wild Camping is a membership programme based on a minimal £20 per year subscription payable via PayPal. Members get access to a host of UK wide locations (totalling 49 at the time of posting).

Nearly Wild Camping

The locations are mostly exclusive to Nearly Wild Camping members and the majority of them offer more than just camping. You get open fires, nature walks, fishing, local produce, star gazing, guided treks, wildlife watching and basically lots of fun in a woodland camping setting. If you want to cook up some home grown veg on your open campfire, then you go for it. And if getting involved in onsite tasks like feeding the chickens or carving a spoon take your fancy, then you do so!

All the sites say no to outdoor lights at night and guarantee a decent distance between pitches so privacy and peace are a cert. Having said all of this you will find the environments most welcoming, each with a unique set of experiences to offer.

Something for Everyone

95 per cent of Nearly Wild Camping locations allow BBQs and campfires; 45 per cent welcome your canine friends; 30 per cent say yes to campervans and many of them allow year-round camping. The sites promote ethical engagement with the countryside and ‘ecological responsible camping’. There are family farms, riverside woods, nature reserves and smallholdings; in other words, something for everyone.

Here at Outhaus we champion the sort of work organisations like Nearly Wild Camping do. It offers outdoor lovers the opportunity to experience nature at its best, whilst giving landowners the chance to invest in what they know best.

If you’re tired of all the commercialised camping experiences out there, why not give Nearly Wild Camping a go? We really think you’ll rather like it :)