8 of the Best Delicious One Pot Wonders for your Campfire Stove

one pot campfire cooking

Eating under the stars is one of the true joys of camping. Cooking outside with your campmates then dining al fresco around the campfire as the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle is one of the highlights of a camping trip, but unfortunately many of the recipes we’d make at home with a fully equipped kitchen don’t always lend themselves too well to campfire cooking.

Which is why we love our one pot wonders: meals that can be cooked in a single pot, over the campfire, with very little preparation, faffing about or worrying about timings and washing up. What’s not to love?! So here’s a potted guide to our favourite one pot campfire meals.

Anytime Eggs and Potatoes

This is a great one pan meal for either breakfast or dinner; it’s egg and chips with a bit of a twist, perfect for filling up ready for a day’s exploring, or a quick and easy meal to finish the evening with something tasty. It requires very few ingredients, so you don’t need to bring the whole store cupboard with you. Why not see if there are a few recipes using similar spices so you can bring just the essential seasonings with you?

Check out the recipe here.

Chickpea Eggy Breakfast (or Dinner!)

Similar to anytime eggs and potatoes, this is another egg-based dish that can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. Although this one has a few more ingredients, it’s great if you’re feeling the need for a few of your five-a-day as it’s packed full of peppers, onions, squash or courgette, as well as the superfood chickpeas.

Here’s how to make it.

Campfire Nachos

Nachos aren’t just for movie nights or bar snacks; they’re a great option for the campfire, particularly if you just fancy something a little less dinner and a little more nibbles. Load your nachos up with kidney beans, spring onions, chopped avocado and cheese and tuck in. Want to make a vegan friendly version? Just substitute the cheese for a vegan alternative!

Click for recipe ideas.

Campfiery Vegetables (Gluten Free / Vegetarian / Vegan)

Campfiery veggies is a super simple recipe which only requires you to be able to chop up some veggies and pop them in a skillet with the right spices to give it a fiery flavour. It’s a great light meal suitable for vegetarians and vegans too, and only takes 10–15 minutes to cook. Perfect!

Here’s the recipe.

Cowboy Chicken and Bean Stew

After a hard day out in the fresh air hiking, swimming and sightseeing, you’ll need something hearty to fill you up before bedtime. This is where Cowboy Chicken and Bean Stew comes in! It does take a little bit longer to cook than some of the other one pot wonder recipes we’ve featured here (approximately 1.5hrs) so you’ll need to prepare ahead, but why not cook this on a night when you know you’re going to be sat round the campfire for the duration, perhaps playing campfire games to pass the time while it cooks?

Recipe and instructions here.

Mushroom and Potato Curry

If you want something a little different to the usual hearty campfire tastes, why not go for a curry? Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t have a curry, or other takeaway favourites for that matter! If you choose your ingredients wisely (i.e. check your curry paste) this curry can be made gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and even dairy free.

Click here for the recipe.

One Pot Pasta

Simplifying your campfire menu into one pot meals doesn’t mean that you have to ditch pasta. Pasta doesn’t have to be cooked in a separate pan or require a colander for straining; it can often actually be chucked straight in the pot with the other ingredients. Here is just one example of a one-pot pasta which can be cooked with kale and lentils so it’s packed full of protein.

View the recipe.

Simple one pan recipes are what it’s all about!

Campfire catering doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re using one pan recipes. Whether you use a casserole dish or a skillet may depend on the recipe (and the space you have in the boot of your car!) but there are plenty of recipes out there to suit your needs… and whet your appetite!