Useful Land Rover Resources

Right so we all love our Land Rovers, although let’s face it, sometimes that love can be tested. The truth is, from time to time, the patience attached to our unconditional adoration is pushed that little bit too far. So we turn to our fellow comrades for support and inspiration. And, when all is not looking tickety-boo, for those basic how-to-sort-its.

Yep, we’ve been there too. Spent many a bleary-eyed hour trawling the net for that all-or-nothing, last chance flash of encouragement before we throw in the towel (well at least for the foreseeable, until we fall in love all over again).

So in the spirit of sharing and caring, we thought we’d bring you a rundown of all the helpful and useful Land Rover resources we’ve come across. We hope they help you like they have us. And if you have any to add, please let us know. Either post them on our Facebook page, or send them in by email. You can also Tweet us. Right, here we go.

Land Rover Blog

Loving the How-To section on this blog. It covers everything from roller painting a Defender to how to drive on flooded roads, and plenty of proper technical stuff in between. There are loads of videos and photos too and related news.

Fun Rover

Original content and impartial reviews of aftermarket parts plus fitting guides that are a breeze to follow. There’s also a ‘stolen’ section for reporting incidents and a blog with plenty of informative content.

Come across any land Rover resources you'd like to share, or run a blog or forum yourself? Let us know :)

Come across any land Rover resources you’d like to share, or run a blog or forum yourself? Let us know :)

Land Rover Blogger

Like this blog for its simplicity and its down-to-the-knuckle advice. We’ve read things like how to replace front brake callipers, how to fix rattling noises and how to paint a galvanised chassis. Oh and there’s a great post called, ‘Sometimes Land Rovers Suck’’. Made us smile that one J

Land Rover UK Forums

A place to ask for advice and share your knowhow. There’s also a blog section that invites Land Rover aficionados to share content, so this could be your cue to start that publishing career!

Nick’s Land Rover

This looks like it started out as a personal progress blog and then turned into something much more significant. There’s everything on here – delivered in a down-to-earth fashion – from news and reviews to an abundance of seriously helpful how-to’s, such as fitting reversing sensors, preparing for a holiday and tips for locking flywheels. Like it a lot.

So that’s it for now. If we come across any more we’ll share them on our Facebook page. Please do the same! And if you run a Land Rover blog, please feel free to post the details on our page or email to let us know about it!